Cathy Young


Cathy founded Orange Owl because she wants a world full of well designed, creative and engaging learning. She wants employees to want to learn. For training to be the highlight. Not a battle. She wants you to believe that things can be done differently. Better. Easier.
With over 10 years experience working with clients and employers in the resources, education, State and Local Government, and consultancy services, she wants to make you the workplace hero.


Rachel Dobson

Learning Architect

If you asked Rach ‘What’s your passion?’, there’d be only one answer … travel. Travel followed closely by surfing and photography. Having spent over a decade adventuring, guiding and searching for waves across the globe, she’s the modest type.
Modest about her ability to just get it. To understand client learning needs and transform these into practical and effective solutions. From social online learning to gamification to virtual reality, Rach has supported a range of industries in the Australasia, Middle East and North American regions.


Darryl Pettie

IT Business Analyst

Darryl likes a chat. He’ll chat fearlessly to comedians during a show just as fearlessly as he will clients to understand their requirements and concerns. He also likes solutions. With over 25 years in IT, Darryl is adept at finding sustainable solutions for clients who want innovative learning experiences.


Nadia Testamanti

Data Analyst

What do you get when you cross an Argentinian and a Reservior Engineer? Nadia, Orange Owl’s resident Data Analyst. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Nadia taught herself to code when completing her PhD and now specialises in creating visualisations in Learning Locker.

Got a question that you think data can provide insights to?  Nadia and Learning Locker have got you covered.


Sarah French


“So, what’s your plan now?” we always ask. Sarah doesn’t have a plan. She has a bike, Betty and a van, Greg.

And in between life on the road with Greg, #vanlife, and shredding killer mountain bike trails, she’s Orange Owl’s Jill of all trades.