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Personal Resilience

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‘Resilience develops from confronting stressful experiences and coping with them effectively’ (Holahan, Moos and Schaefer, 1996)

Welcome to the Personal Resilience course by TLC Solutions.

This course will help you explore the principles of resilience including developing a sense of purpose, locus of control and cultivating connections and support networks.

You’ll also examine strategies to build your own personal resilience and create your very own Wellbeing Plan.

Join us.


1st July 2017


4 weeks (you will need to dedicate approx 2 -3 hours per week to complete the course)


$AUS99 (early bird discount for enrolments before 16th June)



Greg Bayne

Greg works with senior and executive leaders assisting them to make shifts in the way they work, the way they think and the way they live their lives to become better leaders, colleagues and team members. Greg is passionate about seeing people reach their potential and as such deliberately challenges and probes to assist individuals and teams to maximise their potential. Greg seeks to work with organisations, teams and leaders who align with his values and who seek to benefit from a working partnership.

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