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We want a world full of well designed, creative and engaging learning. We want employees to want to learn. For training to be the highlight. Not a battle.

But we need your help. We need you to believe that things can be done differently. Better. Easier.

Here at Orange Owl we’ll show you the difference.

Let us be your learning architects.


You want social. You want gamified. And you want rapid development. It really isn’t too much to ask. Orange Owl presents courses powered by Curatr, the award-winning social learning platform.

Instructional Design

Instructional design – it sets us apart from our competitors. Here at Orange Owl we pride ourselves on designing creative and engaging learning programs that are based on science and research. We create exceptional user experiences that are proven to be effective at achieving learning outcomes. Don’t just dive in. Let us be your learning architects.

Learning Analytics

Design more effective courses, retain learners and provide evidence of return on investment. Using xAPI and our Learning Record Store we can provide insights into learning like never before.


Our e-learning courses go beyond the ‘next’ button. Let our instructional designers help you incorporate authentic scenarios, activities and resources to challenge learners and prepare them for real world tasks.

Serious Games / VR

Want to increase learner motivation and engagement, biological keys to effective learning? Serious games deliver powerfully immersive and memorable environments that your learners won’t stop talking about.

Ready for serious games using the latest technology. Step inside virtual reality. You won’t look back.

Social Learning

Collaborating with others is a fundamental part of learning. Yet too often we shut our learners off from their peers through poor learning design. Let Orange Owl make your learning social.

Latest Projects

Some of our favourites.

‘Flipped Classroom’ – Woodside Energy Ltd

Woodside, a leading Australian oil and gas company, relied heavily like others, on lengthy HSEQ classroom training. But this wasn’t efficient in achieving learning outcomes nor did it suit their time poor learners.

So we ‘flipped’ their classroom.

Using research based instructional design we created 20 learning packages consisting of e-learning modules and leader-led facilitation guides.

Now, learners first gain exposure to new concepts online and at their own pace before heading into the classroom for a leader-led session to collaborate, discuss and debate these in the context of their roles.

Employees are happier because classroom sessions are more engaging, relevant and take less time and the business benefits from more effective learning and a reduction in training delivery commitments.

Executive Masters Program – Murdoch University

Murdoch University wanted an engaging, social, professional and gamified online learning program to complement their Executive Masters in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation. They wanted more than their current Learning Management System (LMS) could offer.

Using the award winning, Curatr platform, Orange Owl created an online program that delivered an exceptional user experience.

Learners were encouraged to view content and complete activities via the platform’s gamified features including experience points, levelling up and leaderboards. They were also provided with opportunities for social and peer to peer learning via live online events and use of social media applications.

The result was an easy to use and richly visual experience that could be accessed across all devices.

Virtual Reality (Working at Heights) – Woodside Energy Ltd

Woodside were exploring ways to improve their health and safety training. They wanted to maximise learner engagement, learning efficiency and trial emerging technologies.

Orange Owl’s instructional designers had previously designed several serious games (games for learning) with Woodside including the award winning Heat Stress game. With the further development of technology in this field, they now saw the opportunity to introduce virtual reality as an expansion of Woodside’s suite of serious games.

The Working at Height virtual reality game, created in partnership with Sentient Computing, has been celebrated within the company as a step change in training delivery.

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